The industry says "Ladies" but what we mean is "a collection of smaller, more flowy and/or tighter" apparel available from Fingers Duke.
Astronaut Kitty Barry Blankenship Tank
Mt. Rainier Derek Nobbs Ladies Tank
Melanie Peterson - Night Sky Bear - Ladies Tank
Black and white portrait of woman with red intestines emerging from her mouth by Brandon Stewart, printed on a black racerback tank shirt.
Black & White image by Brandon Stewart of a creepy woman with her chest cavity exposed on a black tank
Nicole Thompson Forest Fox Ladies Tank
Melanie Peterson Puget Sound Ladies Tank Orange
Melanie Peterson Campout Ladies Tank
Melanie Peterson Campout Illustration Ladies Tank
Melanie Peterson Evergreen State Ladies Tank
Illustration of classical nautical themes in white ink on a grey racerback tank. Art by Sam Enlow.
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