If There's a Way Out · Art Book

From the author himself:

I've had anxiety for as long as I can remember. 

Like most children, I was scared of the dark, unsettled by shadows, afraid of the hallway after bedtime. All of those places were where monsters lived.

It wasn't monsters I was scared of though. It was the unknown. Monsters were just how my mind made sense of it. Most childhood fears are reasoned away by grown-up thoughts, but adulthood has its own collection of worries.

Responsibilities, expectations, commitments; these are just new masks on old monsters. When my heart races or skips a beat, or if I get shaky and nervous with an impulse to run, I have to remind myself that monsters don't exist.

I do this by drawing- by giving the feeling shape I can give some finite form to the infinite unknown.

If there's a way out, it's through a door I create.


Book measures 10.75x8" (landscape)
82 pages
The cover is printed on a heavy matte cover stock (12pt C1s) with Spot UV (clear gloss)
The inside of the book is printed on heavy stock (100lb gloss) paper in full color, to produce clearer, deeper blacks
Softcover (perfect bound)